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All what I like to wear right now are Tassel Earrings and Tassel Necklaces.

Silk and viscose cord tassel jewelry inspired by our travels inside Spain many years ago.

Very beautiful items handmade with authentic Majorca pearls, Swarovski elements, hematite, sterling silver!

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors reflecting the different areas of Spain

All the pieces are limited editions and unique and the jewelry is hand-crafted in the SVETLANA AGNEESSENS design atelier in Barcelona.

"Minoushka" collection makes every woman or person who wears it to look attractive, beautiful and unique. We also recommend to wear this collection items for your wedding or any special occasion or just because you´re special and unique.

“Jewelry & Accessories by SVETLANA AGNEESSENS Barcelona” are selling some amazing and affordable Tassel Necklaces and Earrings right now.

It is our "Minoushka" collection

Tassel Earrings out of stock

Tassel Necklace out of stock

Tassel Necklace out of stock

Available in stock (Barcelona)

Наличие на складе (Барселона)

Disponible en stock (Barcelona)